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Tips for Planning Your Restaurant’s Outdoor Dining Area

  With winter no longer restricting everyone to stay indoors, it’s quite common to hear customers asking for outdoor seating as the weather gets warmer. If you have an available outdoor space for tables and you’re not offering the option of dining outside to your guests, it may be time to consider the untapped possibilities. Is Adding an Outdoor Dining ...

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Basic Types of Red and White Wine

For some, knowing that there are two major types of wine–red and white–is sufficient. Does it get people drunk? Check. Does it taste like rotten grapes? Check. Wine. Done. However, there are many varietals of both red and white wine and inquiring minds would like to know more. Unfortunately, wine often comes with the stigma of holier-than-thou nectar restric...

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The Pros and Cons of a Rapidly Changing Menu

More and more, restaurants across the nation are embracing the concept of a rapidly changing menu. This could mean changing your menu every month, every week, or if you're really ambitious: every single day. Bored chefs from Mankato to Timbuktu are scratching their chins thoughtfully and wondering, "Could this be the right move for me? Can I really toss my ...

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