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I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Panna Cotta

Cool, creamy, delicious and dreamy—that’s how I’d describe this crowd pleasing dessert which is oh-too perfect for a summer menu. And if you’re thinking ice cream, you’re wrong. This time, when I scream, we scream, we all scream— it’s for panna cotta.

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Pastry Bags 101 with Cupcake Decorator Hannah Cantrell

Perfectly frosted and sprinkled cupcakes lined the display at Cake Crumbs, a snug yet bustling bakery located in the Park Hill neighborhood of Denver, Colorado. We stopped by the quaint eatery to get the expert scoop on pastry bags—a cone-shaped bag with a narrow opening used to decorate pastries.  A.M. baker and cupcake decorator Hannah Cantrell talked to us ...

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Diners Expected to Continue Ordering Dessert in 2011

In October, Technomic put together a consumer dessert trend report, helping restaurateurs, suppliers and manufacturers know stay abreast of current customer favorites as well as evolving trends for the future. Now, I could have told you that dessert will always and forever be the best part of any meal, but these days people aren't really impressed unless there are numbers and data to back up a claim like that. 70% of the survey respondents eat dessert at least once a week, and only 1% do not eat dessert, period.

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Cooking Lesson: Tiramisu Made with Wine

So many times at work I see a person walk in with a piece of paper and I cringe. It’s either a list from a national pub or a recipe. Let’s go with the latter for right now. There’s typically a quizzical look as I offer to help. “Does it matter what wine I choose…But it calls for Burgundy and I can’t afford that…It should be good enough to drink…...

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