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Clever Tip Jars: How Baristas Can Earn More Tips

In the coffee industry, the employee turnover rate creates one of the highest costs and biggest headaches for operators. Training new staff takes time as well as money, so retaining good baristas (I just don't feel comfortable saying baristi, purists: forgive me) should be a priority. One way managers can work to ensure talented staff stay on board is by ...

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Uncork the Possibilities: How to Use a Waiter’s Corkscrew

From pouring drinks and mixing cocktails to acting as therapist, best friend, law enforcement and sometimes clean-up crew, professional bartenders can tell you that their job involves more than simply knowing their way around the bar. However, understanding how to use the tools of the trade certainly doesn't hurt, and really does make things easier once things ...

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How to Lose Customers in 10 Minutes or Less

So I'm a picky. I'll admit it. I'm picky about how my restaurant experience is and if it doesn't meet my expectations from the get go, I’ll walk out. However, I'm fiercely loyal to places that provide good service, excellent food and an overall feeling of value from spending my hard-earned cash. Over the years, I've tried to lower my expectations, thinking ...

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Wilde Ideas for Outstanding Service

The restaurant industry could learn a thing or two from Oscar Wilde - the Victorian writer who spun tales and poems about the human condition. He knew his audience and knew them well. He poked fun at society, morality and humanity and delivered satisfaction every time - often with great comic relief. Readers or theater patrons would leave with a feeling of ...

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