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What to Do During a Restaurant Health Inspection

Imagine you're working in your kitchen in the middle of a rush, and your hostess walks in the kitchen to tell you the health inspector is here. You think to yourself, "but it's right in the middle of the rush!" This is the part where you might want to panic, but don't. Read on...

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Food Safety Temperatures and The Danger Zone

Food safety is so important to Kenny Loggins, he felt the need to write a rock anthem about it. Like the 80's heartthrob, food safety is a top concern for every commercial kitchen. Time and temperature play a huge role in whether food is safe to eat or needs to be thrown out. In order to keep customers happy, your food safe and lawsuits at bay, it's important to learn about safe and unsafe temperature ranges and how to properly kill bacteria in order to assure each meal is safe for consumption.

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8 Tips for Maintaining Food Safety at Catered Events

Catering businesses can sometimes pose a bigger risk to food safety than traditional restaurants, because the more the food is handled or transported, the greater the risk of bacterial contamination. But as long as caterers properly train their staff and keep a watchful eye on the product, this should not be difficult. Here are eight tips to help caterers maintain food safety standards at their events.

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When a Restaurant Worker is Sick

Oscar Wilde once said: "I want my food dead. Not sick, not dying, dead." When it comes to food, most things are better (and safer, and tastier!) when they are already beyond the land of the living. The complete opposite goes for your restaurant servers, however. When the waiter is sick or--heaven forbid--dying, then the food just isn't going to sit right, dead ...

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How the FDA is Working to Keep Food Safe

From bad eggs to infected ground turkey to tainted melons, the nation is up to its elbows in bad news about food borne illness. Listeria and E. Coli are household terms thanks to hype from the media. In a sense, this issue merits the sensation because every food borne illness poses a very real danger to anyone and everyone who consumes it. The problem is that ...

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