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What Kind of Chafing Dish Do You Need? – Video

You wouldn't expect a chafing dish to be a guest's nemesis, but it is possible. As living proof of this observation, I'll share a little story. At a fancy-pants event a while back, I found myself in line for an opulent buffet. As I scooped up a serving with the large serving spoon, I knocked the lid of the chafing dish off its perch and watched it slam into the ...

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Countertop Griddles: Small Kitchen & Catering Ideas | Video

Countertop Griddles: The Expert Opinion We  met up with Christopher Kasik, the special markets/culinary manager for Cadco, LTD and asked him to demonstrate the key details of Cadco's line of countertop griddles. Cadco offers both cast iron and glass top griddles, both of  which are known for excellent heat distribution. Another key feature of Cadco's countertop ...

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Ask Keegan: How Do You Choose Knives and Maintain Them?

The latest installment from our Ask Keegan series explores how celebrity chef and restaurant owner, Chef Keegan Gerhard, chooses and maintains his knives. Hungry for more?  Check out  How Do You Choose and Maintain Knives in the Food Service Warehouse Education Center.

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The James Bond Guide to Playing a Prank

There are funny spur of the moment pranks: whoopee cushions, rubber snakes and phone calls asking for Jack Hass. And then there are the large scale schemes of pure silliness. Epic even.  Watch how the FSW launch one of their own into the annals of internet prank fame. (more…)

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How to Save Money with Combination Ice Machines | Video

Ice machines, a necessary component of many business models. From hospitals and health clubs to restaurants and hotels, ice machines are whirring to life all over the world. And just beneath the head unit, the ice maker or whatever it is you call it in your neck of the woods is a separate, but equally necessary component: the bin or dispenser unit. And did you know that each of these ice making and ice storing parts have just about the same life expectancy? It's true. They do.

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