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Easy Money! The 5 Best Bar Holidays and How to Promote Them

Not everyone needs an excuse to drink. For years bar operators have been relying on non-excuse making Wednesday type drinkers to keep their books in the black. However, there are some occasions on which the semi-drinkers like to come out in droves and the regular drinkers bask in the sweet power of Bacchus with even greater alacrity. These are the red letter ...

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Bartending Safety: Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving | Video

And all through the front of the house all the creatures were stirring and some appeared soused... Is your bar ready for the heavy bar crowd this Holiday season? Check out this video on Bartending Safety to brush up on how to  keep your customers and your business safe this season. And just in case you need some extra supplies to implement safe bartending in ...

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Sweeten Up Your Menu this Halloween

Are you still searching for something new and creative to add to your dessert menu this Halloween?  It's not too late and there are a lot of fun options to choose from. Let's take a look at what's cooking around the interwebs in the realm of sweet and spooky treats. Cake Pops First up, fun and easy-to-make cake pops! The Pioneer Woman shows us how easy these ...

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4 Halloween Promotion Ideas for Restaurants and Bars

That spooky time of year is just around the corner. Customers of all ages are looking for great deals and fun treats as the weather grows colder and the days grow shorter. What is your restaurant or bar doing to celebrate Halloween this year? If you're still stirring up the cauldron looking for ideas, we've searched and found some great recipes, promo ideas and just plain fun for you to try this Halloween in your business.

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4 Tips for Mother’s Day Restaurant Planning

Mother's day restaurant planning is important. Why? Because on Mother's Day, many people plan a special meal for their mothers, grandmothers and mothers-in-law. According to the National Restaurant Association, 38% of consumers dine out on Mother's Day, making it one of the most popular days of the year to go out to eat. Many Americans celebrate the occasion ...

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