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6 Tips for Hosting a New Years Eve Party at Your Bar

New Years Eve is upon us once again, and a lot of people will be hitting the bar scene to ring in the new year. There are some bars that don't do much to celebrate the new year, and those bars don't see much of a crowd. Bars that are known for throwing great New Years Eve parties, on the other hand, will actually have to turn people away. Here are some helpful tips that will make sure your bar's New Years Eve party will be remembered for the next twelve months.

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4 Ways Restaurants Can Give Back During the Holidays

The holidays are about more than just receiving gifts or trying to bring more customers in the door. The holiday season is also about giving. Regardless of whether or not your restaurant is involved in charitable events throughout the year, every restaurant should participate in some sort of charity during the holiday season to show customers and the community at large that you care. Here are four ways restaurants can be more charitable during the holidays.

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How Restaurants Can Make the Most of the Holiday Season

During the holidays, people are occupied, strapped for cash and potentially out of town, so bringing normally loyal customers into the restaurant may be more difficult than usual than usual. During the holidays, however, there are a few sure-fire ways to improve your chances of seeing customers come through your doors--hopefully with in-laws in tow--to celebrate the season.

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Holiday Treats to Add to Your Restaurant Menu

During the holidays, many restaurants add holiday treats to their menu to get in the spirit of the season. In an earlier post, it was stressed that you don't want to alienate your guests by going secular, and that's not what I'm trying to do by ordering the recipes the way I did. I ordered them this way so restaurants that want to cater to everyone can mix and match and add a few traditional treats from each celebration.

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Top 5 Reasons to Give Restaurant Gift Cards this Holiday Season

Gift cards have always been hot around the holidays, but for restaurants, they are top-selling items for many eateries, chains and independents alike. According to the National Restaurant Association, 78% of adults say they would like to receive restaurant gift cards or gift certificates for birthdays, holidays or other gift-giving occasions. With such a high demand, restaurants are missing out if they don’t offer something like that this year! Here are some reasons why gift cards are so popular with customers

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