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Top 5 Questions about Ice Machines

Many of you savvy shoppers know the secret to getting the best ice machine for your restaurant is in asking as many questions as possible. After all, buying a new ice machine is an important purchase! We've rounded up the top five frequently asked questions about ice machines and have the answers from the product experts at FSW after the jump.

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How to Save Money with Combination Ice Machines | Video

Ice machines, a necessary component of many business models. From hospitals and health clubs to restaurants and hotels, ice machines are whirring to life all over the world. And just beneath the head unit, the ice maker or whatever it is you call it in your neck of the woods is a separate, but equally necessary component: the bin or dispenser unit. And did you know that each of these ice making and ice storing parts have just about the same life expectancy? It's true. They do.

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The Amazing Manitowoc Indigo Series Ice Machine | Video

What speaks 15 languages, cleans itself, runs self-diagnostics and performs reliably?  Nope. This isn't an online dating ad. It's an ice machine--  the Manitowoc Indigo Series to be exact. The genius behind these machines is that they were built for people who have things to do other than, let's say, worry about an ice machine.  And you know, ice ...

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Spring Clean Your Ice Machine!

Spring is officially here! And if you’re like me, that means you’ve put off cleaning your ice machine for way too long. The good news? Cleaning your ice machine is not only easy, but it can also save you money. How Often Should You Clean Your Ice Machine? First things first, you should not actually wait an entire year to clean your ice machine. Federal ...

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