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Three Times an Olympic City: What London’s Past Games Can Teach Your Restaurant

Fact: This is the third time London has been an Olympic host city. As you and your customers gear up to get ready for another exciting round of Olympic action, let's take a look at how to keep your restaurant in top form throughout the televised events. In the 1908 London Summer Olympics, Italian marathon runner, Dorando Pietri, collapsed twice before ...

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The 3 Top Beer Trends of 2012

To wrap up our week of beer at FSW, we wanted to touch on the sudsy trends that are gaining steam around the country. Could your bar or restaurant benefit from any of the following? Fast Food = Fast Beer Is your quick-serve restaurant missing out on an entire profit category? If your location has the ability to obtain a liquor license, then you could be cashing ...

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A Short Review of Today’s Food Service Trends

Here's a look at some of the top headlines concerning food service businesses this week: Signs of the Times In the article, Top Menu Board Strategies, QSR Magazine contributor, Sonya Chudgar explores ideas to get your restaurant's menu board looking sharply in compliance with the new federal menu-labeling law. What Has Your Receipt Done for You Lately? ...

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The Good and the Bad of Politics and Restaurants

In an election year, everyone and everything is just buzzing about politics. During campaign addresses nationwide, reaching the local population is a big part of just about any political campaign, and politicians cannot afford not to be heard. As such, political figures often choose to make appearances at local town halls, city parks, churches and--you guessed ...

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Food Trends in 2012

The National Restaurant Association (NRA) took a poll of 1800 professional chefs from the American Culinary Federation to see what the predictions were for popular food trends in 2012 and the results show... There will be strong interest in incorporating healthy menu options for children as well as local sourcing for culinary themes. According to Joy Dubost, ...

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