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Handling Egos in the Kitchen: Too Many Generals and Not Enough Soldiers

When egos are inflated on a team, the results often lead to employee discord and loss in annual revenue. It is estimated that $1.1 billion on average is lost every year as a result of egotistical behavior in business. Self-centered attitudes can find a way to wedge into every meeting, interview, conversation and decision under your restaurant roof. This will create moments of poor decision-making and will potentially impact every component of your business, from quality of service to the bottom dollar. Avoid a clash of the titans in your restaurant and implement these strategies to handling egos in the commercial kitchen:

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7 Places Staff Commonly Miss while Cleaning Restaurant Kitchens

The easiest way to keep all of your equipment working in tip-top form is to clean it, and clean it often. There are the obvious hot spots to wipe down, but there are many more that are missed. Keep food poisoning, equipment breakdowns and unsightly work areas out of your business with this comprehensive checklist of seven places staff commonly miss while cleaning restaurant kitchens.

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