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Top 5 Ways the Government Shutdown can Affect Restaurants

When the government decided to close up shop on October 1, 800,000 government employees were suddenly out of work, their personal finances now dependent on the government’s ability to manage its fiscal responsibilities. I, for one, am thankful Godzilla didn’t take this chance to destroy our major cities while our governing bodies were at rest. But I digress...

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Rising Food Prices

Restaurant owners, grocery store managers, consumers, anybody who's paying attention when the buy food has noticed that food prices have been increasing over the last couple of years, and the trend isn't slowing. The USDA expects food prices to jump between three and four percent this year. (Source) What’s Causing The Price Increase? If you listen to the ...

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Taco Bell Lawsuit: Why Taco Bell Can Say ‘Thank You For Suing Us’

Chances are that you've heard of the recent Taco Bell lawsuit. In January 2011, the fast food giant faced a class action law suit based on the quality of their beef. The suit claims that lab tests reported a real beef content of only 35% in Taco Bell’s taco filling, which is below USDA standards.

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New 2011 Dietary Guidelines

The new 2011 dietary guidelines have been revealed, will they affect your restaurant's menu? (more…)

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The Food Safety Modernization Act

Earlier this week, President Obama signed the Food Safety Modernization Act into law. With the new law comes the most comprehensive overhaul of our food safety system since 1938. If you think about how technology and our knowledge of food safety have evolved in the last 70 years, I’d say this revamp is long overdue.

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