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President Obama’s Tax Cuts are Designed to Help Restaurants and Other Small Businesses

On December 17th, President Obama signed into law the “Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization and Job Creation Act of 2010,” H.R. 4853. This law comes at a time of the year when many restaurant owners purchase new restaurant equipment and supplies so those acquisitions will show up on their 2010 tax statement. Lawmakers hope this law, with its $800+ billion in tax cuts will ease economic strain on small businesses so they will hire new employees and invest more in equipment and supplies.

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Lab-Grown Meat: Food of the Future

Old science fiction movies predicted that by the 2000s we'd all have flying cars, food in pill form and psychopathic computers named HAL. Well, we're finishing up our tenth year in the future, and none of those predictions have panned out. However, scientists are researching new ways in which technology can feed the planet's ever-increasing population. Today's menu offering: lab-grown meat.

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Restaurant Grease Theft

A couple of times a year, restaurant industry newsletters link news stories about wily bandits who have pulled off the heist of a lifetime. The loot, restaurant grease. Wait, what? That's right. For several years, now, grease theft has been an issue in bins behind restaurant across the country. The Value of Used Restaurant Oil Recycling used oil from commercial ...

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