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Dessert Ideas & More! | Weekly Round Up

What are your plans this weekend? Working or playing? I'm hoping to whip up one or two of the dessert ideas we found this week. (more…)

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Restaurant Business and the U.S. Economy: A Pictorial Look at the State of a Hungry Nation

Infograph created by Adam Scarano

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Facing the Stigma of the “McJob” in a Job-Scarce Economy

The jobs that the Merriam-Webster dictionary may define as a McJob: “A low-paying job that requires little skill and provides little opportunity for advancement.” What person in their right mind would go after a job at a quick-serve restaurant, flipping burgers or frying potato wedges for minimum wage?

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Food Service CEOs in the Spotlight

It wasn’t all that long ago that food service CEOs had no place in the spotlight. If there was a leading role to be had outside cuisine, location and James Beard, it went to the chef. Sure, celebrity chefs have been around for years—even since before Julia Child and Jacques Pepin. But it wasn’t until relatively recently that celebrity chefs became such a ...

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Taco Bell Lawsuit: Why Taco Bell Can Say ‘Thank You For Suing Us’

Chances are that you've heard of the recent Taco Bell lawsuit. In January 2011, the fast food giant faced a class action law suit based on the quality of their beef. The suit claims that lab tests reported a real beef content of only 35% in Taco Bell’s taco filling, which is below USDA standards.

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