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Five Ways to Improve Your Restaurant’s Online Visibility–and Why This Matters to You

It's no coincidence that when you reach for the door of your favorite casual restaurant, the first thing you see is the sticker letting you know you can find them on Twitter. Now look again, because some young soul updating his status on his smartphone will probably run smack into you if you keeping standing there with the door open. Everywhere we look, people are browsing mobile websites, logging on to their mobile web devices, updating their friends wireless-ly, and otherwise utilizing the power of new, mobile Internet to do the things that used to keep them strapped to a computer desk.

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5 Ways to Prepare Your Restaurant for Success in 2011

The past two years or so have been tough for many restaurateurs. Trying to sustain a restaurant business, let alone open up a new concept, takes an incredible amount of determination and savvy, and in many cases even the deepest commitment cannot keep the doors open.

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4 Ways Restaurants Can Give Back During the Holidays

The holidays are about more than just receiving gifts or trying to bring more customers in the door. The holiday season is also about giving. Regardless of whether or not your restaurant is involved in charitable events throughout the year, every restaurant should participate in some sort of charity during the holiday season to show customers and the community at large that you care. Here are four ways restaurants can be more charitable during the holidays.

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Tips for Restaurants that Want to Serve Breakfast Items

Comfort and price are two theories as to why consumers are demanding more breakfast items on restaurant menus; both theories stem from the recession. Breakfast is the ultimate comfort food. Menu items like: biscuits and gravy or bacon and eggs remind people of a time when things were simpler, and in tough economic times, people want to be reminded of simpler days. As far as the price theory goes, well, breakfast is cheaper than lunch and dinner, so many consumers that still want to eat out have switched to eating breakfast away from home in order to save money.

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