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The Pros and Cons of Reservations

In the war waged between reservations and walk-ins, restaurant owners are often at odds over which path the right one for ultimate profitability. But just like having chocolate cake for breakfast or spending all day cuddling a puppy instead of grinding away at work, there’s a good and a bad that comes with every decision you make for your restaurant. Before ...

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Food Service and Restaurant Industry News

2011 Restaurant Menu Trends Tell Us "What's Hot" and What's Not More than 1,500 chefs and members of the American Culinary Federation (ACF) were surveyed to determine the top restaurant menu trends for the coming year. This survey, conducted by the National Restaurant Association, revealed the top trends for 2011 to include locally-sourced meats, seafood and ...

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Predicting Restaurant and Food Trends for 2011

Each year as the old year creeps slowly out and the new year begins to show its bright, shiny face, we can look forward to predictions about what the new year of culinary trends will hold. In 2010, restaurants charged upon new frontiers, incorporating social media platforms into marketing schemes, putting up cupcake shops on every corner and inserting sustainable ingredients into their menus. In 2011, these things are likely to continue, but other trends will make their own entrances into the limelight. Here are a few of the 2011 restaurant trends.

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How Restaurants Can Make the Most of the Holiday Season

During the holidays, people are occupied, strapped for cash and potentially out of town, so bringing normally loyal customers into the restaurant may be more difficult than usual than usual. During the holidays, however, there are a few sure-fire ways to improve your chances of seeing customers come through your doors--hopefully with in-laws in tow--to celebrate the season.

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The Right Ingredients to Tackle the Breakfast Crowd

Breakfast is a booming time of day that is becoming even more popular with quick service and fast food restaurants. If you are a restaurant owner wanting to take on the breakfast crowd then take note. When it comes to breakfast, having the right ingredients can determine your success in this daypart.

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