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2013 Cocktail Trends

  In 2012 we watched cocktail trends take a designer turn towards the crafted approach. From creative vodka infusions to funky glassware (mason jars, anyone?) it's seemed, at times, that the hipsters had officially taken over. Bartenders decorated martinis with frilly garnishes such as elderflower or rosemary and added manly slices of bacon to bloody M...

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Restaurant and Food Service Industry News

Sports Bars Planning Strategies to Drive Super Bowl Traffic Sports bars around the country are hoping for some decent traffic during this weekend's Super Bowl, and some are taking matters into their own hands. The strategies include big giveaways, such as offering a big-screen television for the person who stays at the bar the longest (Steelhouse Pittsburgh) and ...

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Food Service and Restaurant Industry News

2011 Restaurant Menu Trends Tell Us "What's Hot" and What's Not More than 1,500 chefs and members of the American Culinary Federation (ACF) were surveyed to determine the top restaurant menu trends for the coming year. This survey, conducted by the National Restaurant Association, revealed the top trends for 2011 to include locally-sourced meats, seafood and ...

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How Breakfast is Taking Over The Foodservice Industry

With all the restaurants that are starting to offer breakfast items on their menu, its no wonder that the most important meal is hot as a flap jack right now. Packaged Facts’ Breakfast Trends in the U.S. Foodservice Market estimates that breakfast restaurant sales reached $37.2 billion in 2009, and forecasts that they will reach $37.0 billion in 2010 and $37.7 ...

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Foodservice And Restaurant Industry News

2011 Restaurant and Food Trends are Starting to Form. What Should You Expect? The coming year will see new twists on traditional Italian cuisine, more mom-and-pop originals and an array of exotic frozen treats, according to two new forecasts. On the business side, one consulting firm calls for a return to fine dining in 2011, good news for the upscale eateries that ...

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