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Basic Types of Red and White Wine

For some, knowing that there are two major types of wine–red and white–is sufficient. Does it get people drunk? Check. Does it taste like rotten grapes? Check. Wine. Done. However, there are many varietals of both red and white wine and inquiring minds would like to know more. Unfortunately, wine often comes with the stigma of holier-than-thou nectar restric...

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Burgers and Burgundy: Wine and Fast Food Get Friendly

For the past several years, wine has been showing up in some unusual places. Chipotle, Starbuck's, a place called Burgerville: all of these fast casual establishments have added wine to the menu, shaking up the traditional perception of wine as something of a elitist beverage. According to David Henkes of research firm Technomic, "If you’re trying to trade upon ...

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Selecting Restaurant Wine Storage

The ground is thawing and warmer temperatures are becoming more consistent. It's officially springtime and customers are coming out of hibernation. It is the refreshing time of year that beckons for people to linger around outdoor tables with a beautiful glass of wine in hand. Is your restaurant or bar's wine program ready? Wine is a living liquid containing no ...

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Uncork the Possibilities: How to Use a Waiter’s Corkscrew

From pouring drinks and mixing cocktails to acting as therapist, best friend, law enforcement and sometimes clean-up crew, professional bartenders can tell you that their job involves more than simply knowing their way around the bar. However, understanding how to use the tools of the trade certainly doesn't hurt, and really does make things easier once things ...

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