The Amazing Manitowoc Indigo Series Ice Machine | Video

Posted on December 3, 2012
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Manitowoc Indigo Series

What speaks 15 languages, cleans itself, runs self-diagnostics and performs reliably?  Nope. This isn’t an online dating ad.

It’s an ice machine–  the Manitowoc Indigo Series to be exact.

The genius behind these machines is that they were built for people who have things to do other than, let’s say, worry about an ice machine.  And you know, ice machines can be tricky little monsters. They work and hum along and then all of the sudden, on the busiest night EVER, they stop working.

Who wants to deal with that? Not you. Not a successful business person like you.

The Manitowoc Indigo ice machines run self-diagnostics to detect any issues before said issues become a problem (read: critical error.  The easy-read display will alert you and your team of employees to any possible issues, giving you time to call the technician before you are running to the corner store for bricks of ice on a Saturday night.

Intrigued? Considering utilizing the free shipping offer from FSW on all orders over $99? (And many Manitowoc Indigo Series ice machines are available for same day shipping too!)

Maybe you need a tad more info, a little more explanation…maybe  you’re a visual learner. Either way, we have a fantastic video for you to check out that highlights all the amazing features of the Manitowoc Indigo Series ice machines.


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