The Right Ingredients to Tackle the Breakfast Crowd

Posted on November 15, 2010
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Breakfast on the go

Breakfast is a booming time of day that is becoming even more popular with quick service and fast food restaurants. If you are a restaurant owner wanting to take on the breakfast crowd then take note. When it comes to breakfast, having the right ingredients can determine your success in this daypart.

Consider the following if you are wanting to serve breakfast:

Convenience and Portability.

Most heavy breakfast eaters are looking for a place where they can get their breakfast fast and where the food is easily portable. Why do you think breakfast sandwiches are so popular? Basically anything that can be eaten on the go and in a car will do well for this segment. Here are some menu items that you may want to consider:

  • Breakfast sandwiches
  • Breakfast Burritos
  • Parfaits


In today’s economy price rains supreme. Having well priced, inexpensive menu items will help boost your breakfast sales. However you price your menu, you need to consider if your customers will find the value in the price. If they see that the value is there, they will be more inclined to purchase at your set price. You may want to consider offering a value menu with a main item and perhaps a coffee or side. At the right price a value meal can seem like the best deal to a hungry morning commuter!

Healthy Options.

There will always be a demand for greasy and delicious breakfast items stacked with bacon, however, with the ever growing concerns over national health and the fitness trend growing everyday it is important that you offer some healthy options on your menu. Try to keep calories, fat, and sodium to a minimum on at least 3 items on your menu. Think about hot buttons like egg whites, vegetables and fruit. Be sure that your heathy options are still tasty options or no-one will be back for more.

Cup of Joe.

Specialty coffee sales have seen and increase this past year with more and more consumers interested in customizing their beverages. Giving your morning rush an option for french vanilla latte or mochacinno may sound like a headache but consider this: two of the fastest growing menu items restaurant breakfast visitors order are specialty coffee and breakfast sandwiches, both of which contributed to the breakfast daypart growth. “Contributing to that growth was McDonald’s launch of its McCafe beverage line, as well as Subway’s switch to Starbucks-owned Seattle’s Best Coffee, a brand that will also soon be available at Burger King locations across the country. (Source)


When to Offer Sit Down.

Not all restaurants can offer quick and convenient breakfast options like a quick serve restaurant or fast food restaurant. However, for those restaurants that still want to take part in this hot trend you may want to consider offering Sunday brunch. Sunday brunch is becoming the “it” meal of the weekend. Typically served between 11am and 2pm diners enjoy both breakfast and lunch options as well as a variety of adult beverages like mimosas and bloody marrys. It is a great time for diners to relax and enjoy the company of family and friends and it is a great time for restaurants to jump on the breakfast bandwagon!

When it comes to building a loyal customer base, increasing your overall traffic and beating out the competition you may want to consider offering breakfast. Just keep in mind that you might not be the only restaurant on the block doing so. “Increased competition in the industry will cause restaurant operators to push the innovation envelope, which can continue to provide momentum to this highly competitive daypart, even after the recession eases.” (Mintel)

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