Top 5 Football Promotions for Pizza Delivery

Posted on January 15, 2013
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There’s no better combination than pizza and football. If you offer pizza on your menu, it’s time to consider rolling in some delivery promotional deals for pigskin season. For the most guaranteed success, it’s best to keep your promotion simple and appealing.

Let’s take a look at some winning football promotions for pizza delivery and how you can incorporate them into your business plan.

5. The Great Giveaway

The Shtick: 

In 2012 Papa John’s pizza pledged to giveaway 1 2 million pizzas to Papa John’s rewards members. Each week Papa John’s chose 120,000 members at random to receive enough Papa Rewards points to buy a large 1-topping pizza.

How You Do It: 

OK, so maybe you don’t have the business capacity to give away millions of pizzas, but you could take a cue from Papa and run your own local promotion to give away 5, 10, 15 or 20 pizzas to as many lucky winners who enter during the playoff season. This is a great way to capture customer information or to start your own restaurant loyalty program. Keep the freebies simple and stick to a method like Papa Johns, a free large 1-topping pizza. This way you aren’t sacrificing a lot of food cost with the promotion.

4. Offer Awesome Sides

The Shtick:

Pizza Hut came out with its Big Dinner Box just ahead of the 2012 NFL season, and what a deal! For $19.99, a family or group of friends can have two medium 1-topping pizzas, five breadsticks and a choice of pizza rollers, pasta or wings.

How You Do It: 

Offering great side dishes is perhaps the key to every customers’ heart. Some people like wings with football, others want dunk-able breadsticks, and some are pizza purists who want nothing more than a good saucy pie. Why make them order from different places, or worse, go somewhere else that has all these things on one menu! Expand your menu and create the perfect football package or offer a slightly discounted rate when side items are paired with a pizza order.

3. Meaty Promotions

The Shtick: 

A big protein-based pizza creation that is truly attractive to the meat-heads in your neighborhood.

Now You Do It: 

Place a pigskin promo on all your meatiest pizzas. These tend to be the more expensive toppings, so offering a deal on a medium or large meat-filled pizza could be just the game-day ticket to draw customers to your restaurant.

2. Veggie Promotions

The Shtick: 

To go in the totally opposite direction of the big meaty meat promo, why not throw the vegetarians a bone?

Now You Do It:

These low-cost toppings are easy to roll back prices on – and having a variety of promoted items will be a crowd-pleaser for groups with mixed appetites. Consider a discounted price for a large 3-topping veggies only pizza. This campaign can easily be run in concert with a meat-lovers promotion and is perfect for customers ordering a variety of pizzas for game time.

1. Personal Pizza Promotion

The Shtick: 

Parents will appreciate the opportunity to order a personal pizza for picky kids or smaller children to share.

Now You Do It: 

Why not upsell your smaller menu items while giving parents more personal pizza options? You can use a “Buy 2 get 1 free” for cheese and 1-topping pizzas. Pitch this promotion as a family deal and score big with game time in family households!

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