The Ultimate Guide to Popcorn Supplies

Posted on September 28, 2012
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So you want to set up a popcorn stand. Or, you just bought a fancy new popcorn popper and you are wondering what the heck else you should get to go with it.

Well have no fear, the ultimate guide to popcorn supplies is here! Let’s walk through the options available to decide which is right for you. If your popcorn machine will be on display, then consider enticing customers, guests or students to your stand through multiple senses, namely smell and sight.

Popcorn pedestal stands


and popcorn carts provide the professional and recognizable appearance that draws in the lines. And to be sure that every penny counts, keep an eye on your food costs with measuring cups.

Once the fluffy clouds of popcorn are ready to eat, you will need something to safely serve with.

Popcorn scoops are designed to lift freshly popped popcorn from the popcorn machine. Perforated scoops are ideal for operators who wish to minimize the amount of unpopped kernels in each serving.

Next, you’ll need something to put all that fresh popcorn in.

 Popcorn Containers come in all shapes and sizes, including boxes, buckets and bags. And when you aren’t handing over the boxes, buckets and bags of popcorn directly to the customer, you’ll need something nice to store it all in.

A popcorn merchandising cabinet provides just that ease of service. Simply line up your popcorn servings in a heated cabinet and let the visual appeal do all the talking. Topping it all off is the buttery and salty taste that popcorn lovers crave. Use dredges to shake on the salt or seasonings of choice

and hot butter dispensers to drizzle on the butter.

And when you are all done for the day and it’s time to close up shop, keep your kettle clean and in perfect working order with a kettle cleaning kit.

And that’s it! The quick and easy guide to popcorn supplies. Have a happy and profitable weekend, everyone!

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