Top 5 Reasons to Give Restaurant Gift Cards this Holiday Season

Posted on November 30, 2010
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Gift cards have always been hot around the holidays, but for restaurants, they are top-selling items for many eateries, chains and independents alike. With such a high demand, restaurants are missing out if they don’t offer something like that this year! Here are some reasons why gift cards are so popular with customers:

  1. Offer guests a choice. People love getting gift cards in general, because it means they get to choose what they buy in the end. The gift card lets the consumer choose the gift, but the buyer set the price. Conversely, gift-givers like gift cards, especially to restaurants, because there are so many choices. When it comes to chain restaurants, gift cards are often sold in grocery stores, so customers can choose between myriad different restaurants without needing to visit the actual location. On the other hand. On the other hand, having the option to visit one or two of many restaurants nearby presents another viable gift-giving option as well.
  2. Increase awareness (and traffic!). Gift-givers often step into the restaurant in person to purchase the gift-card, which in turn brings the opportunity to instill even more brand awareness and even potentially upsell the customer. If a restaurant
  3. Roll in the fourth quarter revenue. Gift card sales are opportunities for the restaurant owner or operator looking to increase revenue in the 4th quarter. In fact, many restaurants run gift card specials during the holidays. For instance, a restaurant might run a special like this: “Buy a $25 gift card, get a free dessert!” This entices last-minute shoppers, too. Restaurants also like gift cards because guests are sure to spend a little more than what the card is worth, making the money spend on the card an even greater value in the long-run than when it was sold.
  4. Offer a small taste of extravagance. Especially in a down-turn economy, people tighten their belts where they can. Often, this involves restaurant dinners. Giving the gift of a restaurant gift card can provide a couple or family some time on the town to enjoy the ambiance of a favorite eatery, to reconnect over a memorable meal, or simple enjoy a fancy dessert. A taste of extravagance can be a wonderful gift!
  5. Give something widely appreciated. Food is something we all need and something most of us find pleasure in. Giving the gift of dinner at a restaurant is something most people can appreciate, and almost everyone can use. Take the time to find out the recipient’s favorite tastes or restaurant locations, and a restaurant gift card is sure to please.

Gift cards to restaurants can be the perfect gift for loved ones, and are usually a win for the restaurant, as well. How do you feel about gift cards, either as the person buying them, or maybe even as a restaurant owner or operator?

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