The Results are in! The Winning Story from the Food Service Nightmares Contest

Posted on November 9, 2011
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During the month of October, invited waitstaff everywhere to enter the Food Service Nightmares Contest. The contest called for the most nightmarish, haunting and even blood-curdling tales from the restaurant service world. This was a golden opportunity for those in the food service biz to spill their guts about their biggest peeves or worst customers….plus we kept it completely anonymous. We just know that life gets frighteningly tough in the the restaurant world, and we wanted to hear about it!

Boy, did we have a fun time looking at the responses! Although we think they are all champs, we randomly selected a single winner. The victorious submission comes from an unsuspecting victim waiting tables on a busy weekend night. The poor soul never saw it coming….until it was too late.

“One night, an older couple came in. The sweet wife pushed her husband (very slowly, mind you) in on his wheelchair, and I sadly walk them to the very back table (which was the only one left), feeling sorry for them the entire way. I loved this table very much, and they were your typical loving old couple who were just out on a date night to a very busy restaurant. I could tell they had stayed up to eat here and avoid the crowds so I felt I could do something for them, and gave them a free dessert.

After I put down the bill, I saw the sweet old wife wheel her husband to the restroom. As I waited for them to come back, I finished up on my closing side work. Ten minutes later, I asked the manager to check the restroom. What did I find out? My favorite couple (the one with the man in the wheelchair!!) had pulled a perfected “dine & dash” maneuver that left my head spinning.

Who would have thought that the slowest couple in the world could have gotten out without anyone even stopping them?”

We feel for you, O Sitting Duck of the Septuagenarian Supper Club! Our contest winner will be rewarded with a $100 Amazon gift card, which we hope will more than make up for the lost tips from the decrepit dinner dashers’ unappetizing antics.

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest!

We’re looking forward to a Happy Thanksgiving!

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